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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Candlelight Vigil for Michael Jackson 2013

June 25, 2013

Celebrating the Legacy of Michael Jackson in Harlem.

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"‎Thinking of you ‎Michael Jackson. You're always on my mind. I ‎love and ‎miss you so much!"

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It is so crazy how time flies. It has been four years since our dear Michael's spiritual transition. I have made it my duty to celebrate his life and legacy on this day. I would venture out into Harlem, NYC to the Apollo Theater, where it all began. I would be accompanied by my fellow MJ fanmily whom I have found after we tragically lost Michael in 2009. We are all here for each other and comforting one another on this sad day.

Here are some photos:
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 photo 1044715_10200880596590700_520135725_n_zps293e81ee.jpg
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 photo 1016048_10100480189593224_1012998743_n_zps914963d0.jpg
 photo 1017499_10100480190206994_668524371_n_zps180cd98e.jpg
 photo 1013415_572694446115612_1128647476_n_zps5a0a09b1.jpg
 photo 1013387_600539746657905_419744098_n_zps16035911.jpg
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 photo 1013049_10200880595430671_838395413_n_zpse1dc62f7.jpg
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 photo 1013048_572694776115579_1037206791_n_zps1742b830.jpg
 photo 1010653_3222541060621_1524153330_n_zps4f17f480.jpg
 photo 968794_10200880595230666_1718500814_n_zps4ec3a7fc.jpg
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 photo 1044651_616420695049345_1395995601_n_zpsa9b85569.jpg
 photo 1044341_616420791716002_725339745_n_zps2de0e9ee.jpg
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