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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book Review: Michael!

Michael! is a book written by known author Mark Bego. The book was first printed in March of 1984, which is cool because I was born March of 1985. Who knows it may have been printed on my birthday. It was published by Pinnacle Books, which is the first edition that was printed anywhere at that time. I found this book surprisingly at a local dollar store but I'm sure there are copies available at bookstores or online.


Cover photo by Ebet Roberts

The book opens at the point where Michael has recorded the album Thriller and has made major success with hit singles and stunning videos. It mentions how Michael was a dynamite performer, like when he performed for Motown 25, but yet he was a very shy person.
The book highlights his life and career with his brothers as the Jackson 5. It talks about how they had many hits and also some issues as well. It marks how Michael decided to launch a solo career and his success rate skyrocketed, yet he still remained a man who would rather stay in a corner alone than join a crowd. The book reflects his Off the Wall era, how he was a sensation at discos all over. It talks about his experiences with people he worked with as the author interviews them. They mention how he revolutionized music videos, fashion and pop culture. This leads up to the middle of his Thriller era, where he is on top of the world. There are also over 50 photos. Even though they are in black and white, just remember it doesn't matter. :-) I would tell you more but then you won't buy the book.


I definitely enjoyed reading this book because it helped me understand an era that I never witness because I wasn't born yet or too young to remember. It was very visual and I was able to put myself in the story like I was there. Great work Mark! I would read it again.

Stay tuned for my next Book Review coming soon...


  1. Sounds like my kind of book! I love Michael Jackson!! He was my hero when I was a kid! Your blog is so interesting! I love it! Thanks for your kind words! : )

  2. Thriller came out while I was in high school. It blew the world away! I grew up hearing his music. Unfortunately I did not realize my true love for his music until after he died. Only had one song in the house at the time. A song called remember the time..